IVS Launches Automated Inspection Form For Distressed Properties

Infinity Valuation Services (IVS), a West Valley, Utah-based valuation company specializing in distressed properties, is now providing a fully automated property inspection form to support its services. As an integrated component of IVS' broker price opinion system, the new form now enables the company to tailor the inspection report information to better meet the needs of clients, IVS says.

The automated inspection form provides the answers to a series of questions about the property, including details about the current condition (interior and/or exterior), the need for repairs or maintenance, occupancy status, listing detail and nearest comparables, and code violations (potential or confirmed).

A bank or financial institution can use the form to check on the quality of the agents used to manage their real estate owned properties, IVS says. A loan servicer can use the form to check on the condition of a property immediately prior to a foreclosure sale or after a natural disaster, and traders can use the form to ensure bulk-sale properties are in saleable condition right before finalizing a bid.

SOURCE: Infinity Valuation Services


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