Joseph Murin, Brian Montgomery Form Consultancy

Joseph Murin, who recently stepped down as president and CEO of Ginnie Mae, has teamed with former Federal Housing Administration Commissioner Brian Montgomery to form The Collingwood Group LLC. The firm will provide business advisory services to boards of directors and senior executives of companies in the financial services industry.

In launching the new company, the two former government officials also announced the immediate merger of the new company with Capital Financial Solutions LLC (CFS), a consulting firm that provides strategic business development, business and risk management, and business and technology systems design and development services.

‘There has never been a time more important for the financial services industry to work hand-in-hand with the federal government to help restore stability and liquidity to the markets,’ Murin says.

The Collingwood Group will be engaged in the areas of domestic and international secondary and capital market activities; risk and loss management; mortgage servicing; all elements of property management and disposition; and business and technology planning and development.

According to Murin, the firm will focus on serving clients' business development needs in the federal government arena. ‘To be a successful enterprise in the financial services industry will require the ability to work collaboratively with policy-makers," he says.

SOURCE: Collingwood Group


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