LenderLive Client Base Grows To 200

LenderLive Network Inc., a provider of business process outsourcing and technology to the financial industry, now has 200 active clients, which the company calls a ‘notable feat, given the number of companies that have fallen prey to the current economic tidal wave.’

Along with community banks and credit unions, the company's services have broadened its reach to the largest lenders and servicers in the country.  Â

‘We have seen growth in the number of customers using our end-to-end fulfillment solutions due to the displacement that has occurred in the mortgage industry,’ says Rick Seehausen, LenderLive's president and CEO. ‘This has fueled substantial growth among credit unions and community banks.’

LenderLive's transition this year to add component services has also helped grow the number of active clients for the company. The company is also experiencing increased demand from loan servicers for specialized support of the federal Making Home Affordable program.

SOURCE: LenderLive Network Inc.


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