LenderLive Network Develops Contract Underwriting System For Radian

Live Network Inc. has deployed a comprehensive system for Radian Guaranty Inc.'s nationwide network of contract underwriters that LenderLive says will help Radian consolidate and streamline its underwriting. ‘With such an extensive group of underwriters that span the entire country, Radian needed a single system in place to manage data and better distribute information to lenders," says Rick Seehausen, president and CEO of LenderLive. LenderLive has developed an enterprise-class system to serve as a workflow tool for Radian. The end product is an enhancement of LenderLive's existing contract underwriting platform and will be private-labeled with the Radian brand. "By automating our contract underwriting processes within a single system, we enable Radian's contract underwriters to input and manage loans faster and more accurately," adds John Brady, vice president of business solutions at Radian. "In addition, LenderLive provides Radian with the ability to add additional services and processes as needed in the future." According to LenderLive, the company's contract underwriting services provide clients the ability to engage the company to perform either pre-purchase loan underwriting to determine eligibility and adherence with underwriting guidelines, or to manage loan underwriting from conditional approval through final approval. LenderLive also offers contract underwriting as one of its component services available through the company's contract services division. SOURCES: LenderLive Network,


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