LenderLive Network Experiences Increase In Closing Coordination Demand

http://www.lenderlive.com][u]LenderLive Network Inc.[/u][/link] has seen a 50% increase in its closing coordination services as compared to last year, the company reports. LenderLive provides closing coordination to mortgage bankers funding and those brokers offering table-funded loans as an augmentation or replacement to a back-office staff of loan closers, auditors, funders and shippers. "As more regulations are implemented and cautious lenders make an effort to continue business, we have seen an increase in the need for our proven closing coordination services," says Rick Seehausen, president and CEO of LenderLive. Denise Caso, senior underwriter with Mortgage One Solutions Inc., had used LenderLive closing coordination services for five years in a previous position before joining Mortgage One. She recommended using LenderLive to her new company. "In a climate where lines are difficult to obtain, we are really happy that LenderLive fully supports our back end," she says. "Our volume has substantially increased, without the need to add more resources. In fact, we are still accepting new broker applications, because we have few limits to our business model." SOURCE: [link=http://www.lenderlive.com]LenderLive Network Inc.


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