LenderLive Provides Services To State Department Federal Credit Union


LenderLive Network Inc., a company that provides business process outsourcing and technology to the financial industry, says it is supporting State Department Federal Credit Union's (SDFCU) loan fulfillment services and is hosting its private-label mortgage origination Web site. The relationship continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of the credit union's 64,000 members worldwide.

‘Economically, it just did not make sense for us to originate loans internally,’ says Faith Miller, senior vice president of lending for SDFCU. ‘There is a huge cost-saving in time and expenses in being able to expand our services and consumer reach without the added pressure of building the process from scratch. LenderLive stepped in to instantly support our loan fulfillment needs and provide the outside help necessary to validate that all documents meet ever-changing regulatory requirements.’

Source: LenderLive Network Inc.

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