LenderLive Reports More Than 1.6M Loss Mit Actions

Business process outsourcer LenderLive Network Inc. reports that it has participated in 1.6 million loan modifications and other loss mitigation actions since mid-April 2009. The actions include modifications through the federal Home Affordable Modification Program and banks' own internal programs, as well as disposition actions through the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) initiative.

The company provides its servicer clients with a variety of component services, including customer contact services, underwriting review of loans, document management, supporting correspondence review, quality control, and the preparation and mailing of letters and notices.

LenderLive says it has sent more than 500,000 initial application, trial and HAFA packages this year, in addition to more than 175,000 modification packages. The company has also imaged more than 200 million documents for these loans.

SOURCE: LenderLive Network Inc.


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