Lenders One Develops Lead-Deployment Strategy

Altisource Portfolio Solutions has developed a lead-deployment strategy to provide members of the Lenders One Mortgage Cooperative with pre-approved borrowers in their respective markets. Lenders One, an Altisource subsidiary, is a national alliance of community mortgage bankers, correspondent lenders and suppliers.

Through the lead-generation strategy, Lenders One members pre-qualify or pre-approve potential home buyers who apply through the Altisource-owned website GoHoming.com. Each potential home buyer is directed to a specific Lenders One member with an office in the buyer's local market.

‘It was paramount to also offer a successful lead-generation program to expand the services the company offers members,’ says Lenders One CEO Scott Stern. ‘Not only will our lead-generation activities benefit our members, who will close more loans and order more products, but our other partners – including our preferred investors and vendors – will benefit as well."

Lenders One says it has already begun expanding its lead-generation activities by offering portfolio refinance strategies and portfolio runoff strategies to large loan servicers across the country.

‘Our members have the capacity, the capability and the local market presence to help large servicers and asset managers maximize the value of their real estate portfolio,’ Stern says.

SOURCE: Lenders One Mortgage Cooperative


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