Lenders One Names AllRegs As Preferred Vendor

Lenders One Mortgage Cooperative, a national alliance of independent mortgage bankers, has partnered with information provider AllRegs as its newest preferred vendor.

‘Consistent modifications to state and federal legislation, as well as recurring new regulation, can threaten the profitability and the effectiveness of any lender if not proactively confronted,’ says Scott Stern, CEO of Lenders One. ‘Teaming with AllRegs, our members have access to the comprehensive knowledge and preparedness tools they need to be well-informed and compliant with guidelines at any level.’

AllRegs provides a searchable, online information resource of federal and state statutes, with analysis, commentary and how-to manuals. Lenders One members will benefit from AllRegs' compliance training programs and the ability to access a central repository for single- and multifamily underwriting and insuring guidelines, as well as federal compliance laws and regulations, the company explains.

SOURCES: Lenders One, AllRegs


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