Lenders Surveyed On Tech Capabilities

y published survey reveals that banks and credit unions expect mortgage application volume through online channels will grow by as much as 225% by 2013. The study, performed by Lieberman Research Group, surveyed 330 financial institutions that are active in mortgage lending, have assets of over $100 million and are not clients of Mortgagebot, which commissioned the report. According to Lieberman, 18% of American banks and credit unions currently provide borrowers with an online mortgage-application capability. About 42% offer an online PDF- or HTML-based application form, and 39% provide no online mortgage-application capability at all. Seventy-one percent of lenders surveyed believe they will have to offer online applications in the future. SOURCE: [link=http://www.mortgagebot.com/index.php/news/the_new_reality/]Mortgagebot[/link],[link=http://www.liebermanresearch.com/] Lieberman Research Group


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