Loan Mod Solutions Include Outbound Calls, Eligibility Review

gys Corp. has launched loan modification solutions that leverage the company's live agent assistance, proactive outbound communications and analytics. The solutions are available as a full suite or as individual services. Shops can tailor the solutions for their specific business needs and timelines, Convergys adds. As part of the offerings, customer contact agents can handle inquiries and eligibility data collection concerning various government-initiated programs. IVR/voice portal with speech automation can answer basic inbound inquiries and provide proactive outreach to eligible borrowers, while customer satisfaction surveying and operations and technology consulting help improve productivity and customer satisfaction, the company says. Preventative counseling is also available, as are accounts receivable management/collections analytics and operations at licensed sites. "Mortgage companies and financial services institutions are faced with managing this incredible volume of requests," says Andrea Ayers, president of Convergys' customer management. "They require tools that are specifically designed to help them manage the call volume, while still driving a superior customer experience." The company's modification solutions increase retention by "proactively managing the experience to optimize customer value over the life of the account," Ayers adds. SOURCE: Co


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