Loan-Score Decisioning Systems And Global DMS Announce Product Integration

Loan-Score Decisioning Systems, an enterprise-class pricing and automated underwriting provider in Irvine, Calif., and Global DMS, an appraisal process management solutions provider in Lansdale, Pa., have announced that they have integrated their systems.

According to the companies, the integration ensures that brokers using Loan-Score are precluded from interfacing directly with appraisers. The companies add that this will offer a protective measure that helps ensure adherence to the Home Valuation Code of Contact (HVCC), as well as to Federal Housing Administration's impending appraisal guidelines.

Loan-Score's integration with Global DMS works by automating best-practice processes, and limiting access to certain actions and information according to the staff member's job function. Once a loan is submitted from within Loan-Score's broker portals, it is filtered through Global DMS' HVCC guidelines. At that point, Global DMS' integrated system returns relevant data back to the lender, which gets detailed findings that include a process for risk resolutionl, the companies add.

SOURCES: Loan-Score Decisioning Systems, Global DMS


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