LoanSifter Integrates With DataTrac

Del Mar DataTrac Inc. (DMD), a provider of lending automation solutions, and LoanSifter, a provider of Web-based product and pricing tools, have completed the integration of LoanSifter's namesake product and pricing engine with DMD's flagship product, DataTrac.

The integration enables the transfer of borrower information and loan information bidirectionally between the two systems, allowing a loan officer to create a borrower file in LoanSifter, Data Trac or other loan origination system.

‘It is important to mortgage lenders that their mission-critical systems work like a team, communicating with one another, sharing and updating data," says Del Mar DataTrac President Rob Katz.
Using built-in permissions, lender management also has the ability to select which users are able to sync data to DataTrac to help preserve the database of record, the companies say.

LoanSifter supports DataTrac users' setup of loan programs generically or by investor, with LoanSifter pulling investor names from DataTrac investor tables to correlate the loan programs in both systems. For lenders that set up their loan programs specifically by investor, LoanSifter can ensure the proper loan program and investor are populated in DataTrac on rate-lock requests, the companies add.

For lenders that enter their loan programs generically, LoanSifter's import will import the loan program parameters and associate them with the appropriate loan program in the DataTrac loan program tables on a rate-lock request.

SOURCES: Del Mar DataTrac, LoanSifter


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