Loyalty Assurance Program Seeks To Improve Lenders’ Customer-Retention Rates

ee, N.J.-based Tranzact Information Services (Tranzact IS) has launched Loyalty Assurance, a new program designed to help lenders improve their customer-retention rates. The program leverages credit inquiries to help lenders identify customers who are actively shopping for a mortgage loan, Tranzact IS says. ‘The biggest challenge with traditional customer-retention programs is their inability to determine the exact moment a customer re-enters the market,’ comments Ben Waldshan, president of Tranzact IS. Loyalty Assurance offers lenders access to technology that cross-references their customer database with credit activity on a daily basis. A free white paper outlining the Loyalty Assurance program is available on Tranzact IS' website. SOURCE: [link=http://www.tranzactis.com]Tranzact IS


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