LPS Code Enforcement Summit Approved As Continuing Education Course

The Florida Association of Code Enforcement has approved Lender Processing Services Inc.'s (LPS) upcoming Code Enforcement Summit in Orlando, Fla., hosted by the company's field services and asset management operations, as a continuing education course for its membership.

The primary goals of the summit are to educate code enforcement professionals about how the field services industry works and to help build relationships among code enforcement, field services and asset management professionals that work with code enforcement to handle the day-to-day issues related to code violations, LPS says.

The company hosted similar events earlier this year in Ohio, Texas and California. LPS then petitioned the Florida Association of Code Enforcement to approve its summit program as a continuing education course. The association's approval is the first of its kind, LPS says, adding that the summit has more than 92 code enforcement officials from over 39 cities planning to attend the event.

Code enforcement attendees will learn how the default mortgage servicing industry addresses property maintenance. They will also be able to discuss possible solutions to keep default properties compliant with Florida community standards. Additionally, attendees will be able to participate in an open dialogue with multiple field services companies invited by LPS.

The Florida Code Enforcement Summit is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 12, from noon to 5:00 p.m. The event will take place at the Sheraton Safari Hotel in Orlando.

SOURCE: Lender Processing Services Inc.


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