LPS Offers New Delivery Options For Empower LOS

Processing Services Inc.'s (LOS) enterprise-wide loan origination system (LOS), Empower, is now available via a variety of delivery mechanisms. Lender clients can choose from three options: Empower Express, which is a turnkey LOS that processes loans based on predefined rules, workflow and screens; Empower Express Plus, which includes a modifiable rules engine; and Empower End to End, a product built on a "toolkit approach" that LPS says enables complete customization. Multiple delivery mechanisms "provide implementation process and timeline options for lenders of any size," says Don Covey, new managing director of the Empower division. "Each of these solutions is available in-house or via LPS' secure data center. In addition, each solution is available in a per-loan pricing model, reducing implementation expenses.’ Empower provides functionality for every facet of the origination process, the company says, including point-of-sale, origination, underwriting, closing and post-closing. The LOS is integrated with LPS' suite of mortgage solutions, including LSI settlement services; RealEC; MSP; and property tax, flood, valuation, imaging and document solutions. SOUR


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