LPS Seeks Dismissal Of Nevada AG Complaint

10838_court LPS Seeks Dismissal Of Nevada AG Complaint Jacksonville, Fla.-based Lender Processing Services Inc. (LPS) is seeking a dismissal of a civil complaint filed by the Nevada attorney general against the company in December 2011.

In the company's motion to dismiss, LPS says the attorney general's complaint contains ‘significant legal defects which require the court to dismiss the complaint with prejudice,’ including a failure to show that ‘any document executed by subsidiaries of LPS was incorrect, contained errors, or caused any borrower financial harm.’

‘LPS filed this motion to dismiss in response to the allegations made by the Nevada attorney general,’ says Hugh Harris, LPS president and CEO. ‘Although we have to defend ourselves against allegations that we believe are untrue, we remain committed to working with the attorney general's office to resolve these matters.’

LPS' motion to dismiss is available online.


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