McCollum’s Subpoena Stopped Once More

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum's quest to subpoena law firm Shapiro & Fishman over allegations of filing faulty foreclosure paperwork was again derailed, as Judge Jack S. Cox of the 15th Circuit Court denied McCollum's motion for rehearing Thursday.

Earlier this month, Cox ordered a halt to the subpoena issued by McCollum's office in August. Shapiro & Fishman is one of three firms that McCollum subpoenaed in August. A fourth firm was named in a similar investigation earlier this year.

According to Cox's ruling Thursday, the state ‘used the wrong tool,’ referring to McCollum's subpoena.

‘The state's argument is not compelling and overlooks the overriding fundamental principle that only the Supreme Court controls the conduct of lawyers in the courtroom and in court proceedings,’ Cox wrote.

McCollum's investigation has been called a ‘fishing expedition’ by Gerald Richman, counsel for Shapiro & Fishman.

SOURCE: Richman Greer


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