MCS Introduces Code Enforcement Mini-Summits

Mortgage Contracting Services LLC (MCS), a nationwide provider of property preservation, inspections and real estate owned property maintenance, has begun holding code-enforcement mini-summits. MCS held its first session on Aug. 24 in Frisco, Texas, and will host additional mini-summits in the coming months in areas that correspond with executives' travel schedules for trade shows and other industry events.

The events bring together local code enforcement representatives, vendors and servicing shops for what MCS describes as an interactive information exchange.

The mini-summits will outline the intricacies of the default servicing industry for code officers, from the definitions of pre- and post-sale foreclosure, through MERS demonstrations, to describing how the company interacts with clients. The sessions also give code officers an opportunity to have direct communication with both area contractors and servicers to discuss a community's particular challenges and tendencies regarding effective property preservation.

"Our goal with this program is to not only promote goodwill between these parties, but to also best prepare them to manage the defaulted properties within their jurisdictions," says Caroline Reaves, CEO of Mortgage Contracting Services.

The mini-summit sessions may be used by code officers to fulfill continuing education requirements. MCS is offering this service at no cost to the municipalities or attendees. Once municipalities schedule a code-enforcement mini-summit with MCS, the company will enlist its local vendors and servicing shops to attend.

SOURCE: Mortgage Contracting Services LLC


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