MCS Launches Mobile Tech For Inspection Services

Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS), a provider of property preservation and inspection services, has launched its mobile technology platform, which enables inspectors to upload information from the field in real time. MCS will be doing a phased rollout to the other field services, including property preservation, but began with the inspection results due to the increasing number of vacant properties on the market.

MCS' mobile technology enables inspectors to upload photos immediately through software that is downloaded on any device with a camera, including personal digital assistants or phones. The service offering expands on the company's practice of providing the technology on laptop computers from the field.

"The data automatically uploads into our MCS360 system so that all real-time information about a specific property is contained in one single application," notes Andrew Rowlands, senior vice president of information technology with MCS. "This is a huge differentiator – one that we will look to expand on as we further our research and development efforts."

SOURCE: Mortgage Contracting Services


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