MFI-Miami To Investigate Securitizations

MFI-Miami LLC, a mortgage fraud investigation company, is launching a nationwide service for investigating the mortgage securitization process. The service will be managed by Elizabeth Jacobson, who will oversee this project for MFI-Miami`s sister company, MFI-DC LLC.

MFI-Miami will investigate pooling and servicing agreements, as well as the contents of certificates that trustees allege to contain the mortgage. MFI-Miami will also determine if certificates were part of credit default swaps that may have been paid as part of the Troubled Asset Relief Program or by a third party.

These three items are essential for determining if the lender can legitimately enforce the terms of a homeowner`s mortgage or if the lender or trustee is committing securities fraud, MFI-Miami says.

‘Not only will we be able to prove or disprove the legitimacy of any claims made by the lender, but we`ll also be able to determine if the lender is trying to collect from the homeowner after already being paid with TARP funds," says Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami president.



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