Missouri AG Sues Three Companies For Loan Mod Fraud

12479_chriskoster Missouri AG Sues Three Companies For Loan Mod Fraud Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has filed three separate lawsuits against individuals and their companies for allegedly misleading Missouri consumers in connection with loan modification services.

The lawsuits were filed against Colleen Kelly, a Missouri resident operating Heartland Loss Mitigation LLC; Eric Mader, a Florida attorney operating Mader Law Group LLC, a Florida company; and Jim Caplan, a Florida attorney operating CAPLAW PA, a Florida company. The lawsuits allege that these companies engaged in multiple deceptive or unfair practices, including requiring and receiving advance payment for loan-modification services, failing to provide the loan-modification services paid for by consumers in those advance fees, and failing to refund consumers for loan-modification services not received.

‘Today's lawsuits continue my office's efforts to help Missouri homeowners who are trying to keep their homes as they work their way out of tough situations,’ Koster says. ‘Companies that mislead consumers trying to save their homes from foreclosure should stay out of Missouri.’


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