Mortgage Banking Firms Announce Strategic Partnership

Opes Advisors, a residential mortgage banking and wealth management firm, has formed a strategic partnership with Landmark Mortgage Group. This cooperative effort will allow Opes Advisors to establish a footprint in California's Tri Valley region through Landmark's group of mortgage advisers, the companies say.

With access to Opes Advisors' wealth management division, Landmark will also be able to help clients ensure that their loan structure supports their long-term financial goals, the companies add.

‘[U]nlike most other mortgage firms, Opes has wealth management expertise in-house," explains Todd Allen, a founder of Landmark Mortgage Group. "Working with Opes Advisors' wealth management team will let us offer our clients a depth of service that traditionally hasn't been very accessible.’

SOURCES: Landmark Mortgage Group, Opes Advisors


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