Mortgage Cadence, DataVerify Partner

ge Cadence Inc. says its Ochestrator platform has been integrated with DataVerify's DRIVE platform. ‘The integration with DataVerify, a leading fraud detection and prevention platform, enhances our overall compliance offering and provides customers with a seamless loan data feed into the DRIVE platform that then returns comprehensive and imperative information back into Mortgage Cadence Orchestrator," says Tim Counterman, director of product management and compliance at Mortgage Cadence. "The reports and scores that are returned allow Orchestrator users to quickly identify legitimate borrowers while reducing false positives, ensuring compliance with Red Flag Rules and minimizing costly queries to the Social Security Administration." DataVerify also provides a proprietary collateral risk assessment model that evaluates market and subject property characteristics to determine the overall collateral risk. This assessment provides public and non-public data analysis of foreclosure activity, flip activity, subject transfer history, geographic conditions and market sale. SOURCES: Mortgage Cadence, Dat


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