Mortgage Cadence Reduces Urban Settlement’s Processing Times

ge Cadence Inc., a provider of enterprise lending solutions for the financial services industry, has been selected by Pittsburgh-based Urban Settlement Services to replace the company's primary analytic and document solution. The Mortgage Cadence product suite, consisting of the Orchestrator, Harmony and Finale solutions, will allow Urban Settlement to bulk import upwards of 50,000 loans at a time, validate data, perform analytics and dynamically create and securely deliver the required loan modification documents for servicer approval and fulfillment, the company says. ‘As our volumes mounted, we came to the realization that in order to maintain this level of service, we needed to make some strategic changes to how we do business and, in particular, find a technology solution that could further automate our processes while delivering validation tools, analytics and document preparation and delivery services," explains Jim Smith, president of Urban Settlement Services. The implementation of the Mortgage Cadence product suite will also enable the company to leverage demand-driven workflow and automated decisioning. Smith says the Orchestrator solution has reduced Urban Settlement's processing time by over 80%. SOURCES: Mortgage Cadence, Urban Settlement S


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