Friday, February 16, 2018
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Getting the Most Out of Your Regulatory Training

As regulations for the mortgage industry continue to evolve, leaders should carefully invest in the most meaningful training courses for their staff.

The New World of Mortgage Tenure

What’s really needed to move the housing sector - and mortgage originations with it - is a greater certainty that the economy has firmed.

Steve Butler: HMDA Not the Only Compliance Concern For Mortgage Lenders in 2018

Although lenders might not need to worry as much about enforcement of the new HMDA rules, they have plenty of other compliance matters to be concerned about.

Matt Clarke: 2018 Should be an ‘Exciting Year’ for Mortgage Lenders

"There might be regulatory relief coming - but that still involves the cost of unwinding the systems you have in place," the CFO of Churchill Mortgage tells MortgageOrb.

Doug Duncan: Housing Market Fundamentals Won’t Change Much in 2018

Lack of supply was a huge factor impacting the housing market in 2017 and we can expect more of the same in the coming year, Fannie Mae's chief economist tells MortgageOrb.

The ‘Unintended’ Effect of New Tax Laws on Property Tax Servicing

In a country with more than 20,000 taxing authorities, making a tax change that affects the timing of tax payments with no notification to the affected parties has tremendous consequence.

PHH Corp. Settles with States over Alleged Mortgage Servicing Violations

Mortgage lender and servicer settles in order to put "legacy" issues behind it.

Tom Hutchens: Non-QM Market Set For Explosive Growth in 2018

The non-QM lending market is forecast to double in 2018, so what's driving the growth?

Early-Stage Delinquencies Jumped in September Due to Storms

Early-stage delinquencies on the rise after storms strike Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Tax Servicing an ‘Intricate Part of the Loan Servicing Industry’

There are more than 24,000 tax agencies or taxing authorities across the country - each with its own rules, processes and guidelines.

‘Older’ Millennials Comparable to GenXers in Terms of Credit Profile, Research Shows

Mortgage lenders are finding that it is tough to generalize about the millennial generation - and research is showing us some reasons why.

To Address Affordability, Fannie Mae Gets Creative

In the past year, the GSE has rolled out a series of innovative pilot programs geared to address affordability issues from DTI to down payments.

Single-Source Validation: A Key Component of Fannie Mae’s Day One Certainty Program

Fannie Mae has so far added 16 providers of income, asset and employment data to its network of Day One Certainty-approved technology vendors

What Does ‘Extraordinary Service’ Mean to You?

What does it take for a third-party provider in the mortgage industry to deliver top-notch customer service?

GSEs Announce New Initiatives as They Enter Tenth Year of Conservatorship

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are making some changes related to customer service and other issues in order to adapt to the changing consumer and new technologies.

Customer Pain Points Are Your Greatest Asset

Align sales, marketing and product development to better meet market needs.

New 30-Year Loan Program for Manufactured Homes Launched in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is one of the first states to pass legislation recognizing manufactured homes located in resident-owned communities as real property.

Three Things New Loan Officers Need in Order to Launch a Career

Forget the Rolodex - it's a whole new world.

Do Regulations Really Increase New Home Prices by 25 Percent?

Even if regulations do make things more expensive, perhaps it's a cost worth bearing.

What Do the 1985 Chicago Bears and Hedging Strategies Have in Common?

Hint: It's not the Superbowl Shuffle.