Friday, July 20, 2018
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Refinance Share of Mortgage Volume Continues to Fall

Helping to drive the decrease in refinance share in June was rising mortgage interest rates.

Reports: Millennials Face Numerous Obstacles to Homeownership

Two recent reports show that millennials are facing some major hurdles when it comes to homeownership. A recent report from the Urban Institute, funded through...

The Digital Transformation of Mortgage is More Than Just Tech

In mortgage, the digital point-of-sale (POS) has become all the rage and lenders are rapidly jumping on the digital POS bandwagon. Whether they’re deploying...

Maybe Next Spring: Existing-Home Sales Fell Again in May

The spring home shopping season has so far been a bit of a bust. Existing-home sales in May were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate...

Despite Major Obstacles, Millennials’ Desire For Homeownership is Strong

Despite rising home prices and higher mortgage interest rates, millennials are more determined than ever to become homeowners, recent industry reports show. In First American’s...

Achieving Best Execution for Ginnie Mae MBS

Broker-dealers are increasingly encouraging their originator clients to consider building custom, single-issuer pools.

ARM Share Jumped to Highest Level Since June 2014

Lenders’ average time to close is expected to continue to decrease as they leverage digital mortgage solutions and, as a result, gain improved efficiency.

Housing Starts Dipped 3.7% in April, But Were Up 10.5% Compared with Last Year

“The annual increase sends an optimistic message for the housing market as it signals some relief for the housing shortage.”

2018 Sees Strongest Start For Home Price Appreciation Since 2005

Median home prices rose by 1.24% nationally since the start of 2018, with both January and February having their strongest respective single-month growth rates in 13 years.

Dispelling Reverse Mortgage Barriers to Entry

Extending this unique product to existing borrowers as they age is a fantastic way to retain them for life while growing one’s business.

The Changing Standards of Auditing and Compliance

In May 2017, the Auditing Standard Board of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) issued its new Statement on Standards for Attestation...

Adjusting to HMDA: How to Overcome Common Pitfalls

As with any regulatory update, decommissioning the old processes can wreak confusion and breed mistakes during the introductory period.

Local Property Taxes Jumped 3% On Average in 2017

The average amount of property tax paid by a U.S. homeowner in 2017 was $3,399, an increase of 3% compared with $3,296 in 2016.

Alternative Credit: Providing a Pathway to Homeownership

The key to using alternative sources of credit for the underwriting of mortgage loans is standardization of the alternative credit scoring model.

Low Inventory Continues to Drive Up Home Prices

The two main factors driving home price appreciation are low inventory and a low vacancy rate among owner-occupied housing.

Digital Due Diligence Beats Challenges of Adhering to the Dodd-Frank Act

Automation and AI will revolutionize the due diligence industry, allowing 100% of all loans to be audited and graded in much shorter periods of time.

What Happens If Mortgage Rates Soar?

For the real estate sector, the thought of higher rates is strangely worrisome.

Re-Engineering Default Processing to Unlock Operational Efficiency

There are ways to make default management more efficient for the servicer and less disruptive for the consumer.

Refinance Share of Mortgage Activity Jumped in January

'Refinances will taper back off to industry-projected levels of 25 to 30 percent in the coming months.'

Getting the Most Out of Your Regulatory Training

As regulations for the mortgage industry continue to evolve, leaders should carefully invest in the most meaningful training courses for their staff.