MRG Marks 10th Anniversary Of Compliance Update Memoranda For Clients][u]MRG Document Technologies[/u][/link] (MRG) has announced the 10th anniversary of the distribution of its compliance update memoranda to clients and the second anniversary of providing them electronically. The documents, delivered free of charge to MRG clients, discuss issues such as when a new disclosure will begin printing in a particular loan-closing package and whether clients will need to send additional or different data to complete a specific form. Recent court cases that impact the mortgage industry are also included. "Our origination and servicing clients use this information to make business decisions and to inform their departments about changes that are occurring in the mortgage industry," says Laura LaRaia, an attorney and director of customer service at MRG. "We distribute the updates as the various federal and state laws become effective. Our goal is to release them about 30 days before the legislation goes into effect." SOURCE: [link=]MRG Document Technologies


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