MRG Offers Compliant Doc Support For Reverse Mortgages

MRG Document Technologies has begun offering reverse mortgage documents that are in compliance with federal and state regulations for all 50 states.

MRG offers a browser-based system for the preparation and delivery of document packages, electronic disclosures, loan modifications and other services for mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions nationwide.

The company, which guarantees its products are in compliance with the most recent legislative and regulatory changes, employs a staff of attorneys who monitor the regulatory changes and update clients' business forms.

‘With the Baby Boomers rapidly approaching retirement age, we expect to see an increase in reverse mortgage lending,’ says Marsha Williams, an attorney at MRG. "As both federal and state regulations governing reverse mortgages continue to evolve, lenders must ensure that their documentation is fully compliant with all changes."

SOURCE: MRG Documents


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