National Loan Auditors Teams With Gulf Coast Law Center


Walnut Creek, Calif.-based National Loan Auditors (NLA), a company providing quality control, pre-close, and post-close auditing, risk assessment consulting and fraud prevention to the mortgage, legal and banking industries, has partnered with Pensacola, Fla.-based Gulf Coast Law Center to build a national attorney network that will allow NLA loan audits from any state to be validated with a legal opinion letter from a licensed attorney in that jurisdiction.

The network will give NLA audits state specific legal validation and protect member law firms from practicing in non-licensed states. According to NLA, its legal audits will provide lenders, servicers, hedge funds and the government-sponsored enterprises with accurate information to rely on when examining loans and supporting documentation for modification purposes or portfolio reassessment.

NLA will continue to add attorneys to its network and plans to have a legal network throughout all 50 states by early 2009.

Source: National Loan Auditors

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