NCCI Notes SAS 70 Compliance

al Creditors Connection Inc. (NCCI), a privately held company providing field contact, loss mitigation and on-site inspection services, has successfully completed the SAS 70 compliance conducted by Bronsky & Co. CPA's. The SAS 70 process is designed to determine that the controls a company has in place are properly designed to provide reasonable assurance that the specified control objectives are achieved. An independent accounting firm specializing in SAS 70 audits and examines all controls to validate that they are relevant and reasonable to a user organization's internal processes. Auditors will soon physically test the operating effectiveness of NCCI's controls, a test that will also be conducted on an annual basis, the company says. NCCI's audit was conducted on April 1 at the company's corporate headquarters in Lake Forest, Calif. The opinion expressed by the independent auditing firm stated that NCCI's specified controls objectives are "suitably designed and provide reasonable assurance." SOURC


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