New Book Details How To Start A Hedging Program

11171_jennifer_fortier New Book Details How To Start A Hedging Program Jennifer Fortier, president of The Artful Enterprise LLC, based in New Orleans, and former senior vice president of secondary marketing at Eustis Mortgage, has announced the release of her new book ‘Demystifying Mandatory – The Beginner's Guide to Implementing and Managing a Hedging Program for Residential Mortgages.’

According to Fortier, the book details how lenders who are considering mandatory execution can implement and manage a hedging program.

‘Most lenders who consider mandatory execution don't really have an opportunity to truly understand the daily process until they've already implemented a hedging program,’ says Fortier. ‘They have to learn as they go. This book helps lenders get comfortable before they move forward and provide continuing guidance as they implement a hedging program.’


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