New InHouse Technology Solution Manages Appraisal Vendors

e Inc., a provider of appraisal solutions, has released its Connexions technology platform, which manages any combination of disparate appraisal vendors, whether appraisal management companies, appraisal companies or individual appraisers. The company says Connexions combines technologies for analysis, data mining and workflow in one platform. Moreover, the number of vendors that can be managed is unlimited. Connexions has a fully configurable assignment engine that allows lenders to control distribution volumes per vendor, in addition to an analytical function that ensures the appraiser's geographic competency as determined by the lender's parameters. The system's transparency allows lenders to track every appraisal request in its pipeline, with results available in real-time, and the system employs security measures that include 128-bit SSL and SAS-70 Type II certifications. SOURCE: [link=]InHouse


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