New Investor Service Assists Loan Buyers

Boston-based DebtX has launched DXMarket Data, a new information service that the company says provides loan buyers with more analysis and insight about transactions executed on its online marketplace.

The subscription service offers regular commentary about secondary loan market trading conditions and debt capital markets activity; commercial mortgage-backed securities loan collateral prices; insight about DebtX's valuation approach for asset types most commonly offered for sale on its marketplace (including a ranked list of data elements that can be predictive of an asset's value when incorporated into valuation models); and commercial real estate loan origination spreads.

As part of the service, DebtX says it also provides an indication of the breadth of discretionary capital allocated to the secondary loan market and the activity level of investors in the market.
DXMarket Data is sold as part of an annual DebtX subscription that includes online access to due diligence information.Â



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