New Report Monitors Current And Past REO Listings

American Valuation and Property Solutions has released its new Property Listing Verification report that confirms and tracks real estate owned (REO) listing activity of individual properties. The report has applications in REO marketing, fraud prevention, due diligence and portfolio valuation, the company says. The new report confirms that a specific property is currently listed and provides the listing price and days on the market. If a property is not currently listed, the report displays up to 12 months of listing history, time on the market and past listing prices. Real estate agents who are knowledgeable about their specific markets will perform local verification and cross-reference research, according to the First American division. The final verification report is available within two business days. The report is designed for use by quality control and fraud prevention staffers in the REO and servicing arenas to identify potential cases of collusion, and by investors who perform due diligence as part of the portfolio acquisition process. SOURCE: First American Valuation and Property So


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