New Tool Helps Whole Loan Traders, Servicers Fill Information Gaps


CoreLogic recently introduced a new data and analytics platform for whole loan traders and servicers.

The new CoreLogic Lien Equity Analytics Radar (CLEAR) platform provides streamlined, integrated analysis on lien, equity, property and owner status to support critical decisions, the firm says in a release.

The integrated solution enables whole loan traders, portfolio managers and servicers to fill critical information gaps by quickly accessing current data on lien position, equity, property characteristics and consumer credit.

The platform also provides life-of-loan surveillance on designated assets and portfolios.

Using this platform, whole loan traders can upload bid tapes and quickly receive the latest CoreLogic data and analytics to enhance their bidding and risk management decisions.

In the pre-bid stage, traders can select from a wide range of decisioning analytics, including insights into key risk attributes in the portfolio, lien analysis (e.g., lien position, balance, foreclosure and ownership), equity analysis, and involuntary lien analysis.

Post-bid, additional data and analytics can be leveraged for in-depth due diligence, final negotiations and settlement.

Post-settlement, CLEAR provides ongoing surveillance of voluntary and involuntary liens, foreclosures, and ownership.

CLEAR also has many applications across due diligence, portfolio management and servicing. What follows are additional features and capabilities offered via the platform:

  • Customizable delivery packages that target particular client needs;
  • A self-service portal;
  • Individual loan analysis results and ordering capabilities;
  • Client-defined monitoring frequencies for each product tier;
  • Consumer credit tradeline integration for permissible use;
  • Auxiliary data integration from property abstracts;
  • Four different tiers of data analysis and pricing; and
  • FTP-ready output.

“Historically, investors and servicers have encountered significant information gaps in bidding on whole loan portfolios and making strategic servicing decisions,” says Dillon Vestal, vice president of advisory services for CoreLogic, in a release. “CLEAR creates efficiencies, saving time and, ultimately, costs associated with accessing needed data and analytics in a timely, consumable fashion. By combining comprehensive analysis with fast, flexible and customizable delivery options, our clients will get data for whole loan bid decisioning, default treatment and early detection of portfolio risk.”

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