New Trade Group Focuses On Technology Innovation

ge journalist Tony Garritano has formed the [link=]PROGRESS in Lending Association[/link], a new trade organization that encourages the use of innovative technology in mortgage banking. Garritano is currently listed as the editor of trade magazine Mortgage Technology, according to the magazine's website. A profile posted on business networking site LinkedIn shows his tenure with the publication ending this month. ‘Technology is going to play a critical role in how mortgage lenders comply with new regulation, remain competitive, ensure profitability, and serve borrowers looking to get their piece of the American Dream. That's why this association was formed,’ says Garritano, whose title is chairman and founder of PROGRESS. In a press statement, the group states that because of sweeping regulatory changes in the industry – in particular, the Dodd-Frank Act – industry participants must gather and discuss new automation strategies and processes ‘to move the mortgage industry forward.’ PROGRESS has named members of its executive team, as follows: [list]Roger Gudobba, Compliance Systems' chief strategy officer, will serve as CEO;*Michael Hammond, founder and president of NexLevel, will serve as the group's chief strategy officer;*eSignSystems' executive vice president of global sales and marketing, Kelly Purcell, has been tapped to be chief information officer;*Motivity Solutions' chief strategy officer, Gabe Minton, has been named chief technology officer; and*Michael Blair, a former president at Allpointe Mortgage, will serve as the group's chief operations officer.[/list] The members of the team will remain active in their respective companies, PROGRESS says. SOURCE: [link=]PROGRESS for Lending Association


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