New Valuation And Risk Strategies Group Formed At S&P

Standard & Poor's Fixed Income Risk Management Services (FIRMS) has launched a valuation and risk strategies group.

FIRMS, a research unit of S&P that is separate from the ratings group, formed the group to provide investors with a cross-market approach to assessing risk and value in portfolios, the company says.

The group's core competencies include securities evaluations; valuation scenario services; and market, credit and risk strategies.

FIRMS says the securities evaluations provide independent, market-derived price evaluations on approximately 3 million fixed-income and structured finance securities daily. The valuation scenario services, launched last year, offer assessments of structured finance portfolios under a range of different assumptions and economic scenarios.

Available to S&P's customers globally through the S&P Global Credit Portal, the valuation and risk strategies group resources incorporate a range of research, data and analytics, and offerings will address
securities throughout the U.S., EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions, the company says.

SOURCE: Standard & Poor's


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