New Version Of ACES Geared For Small To Midsize Mortgage Lenders

Smaller lenders typically have a more difficult time paying for technology upgrades related to compliance.

To help them out, ACES Risk Management Co. (ARMCO) has launched ACESXPRESS, an implementation and service package for the ACES Audit Technology platform designed specifically for small to midsize lenders.

“Every lender wants to improve their [quality control, or QC] process, but not every lender has resources to implement and operate ACES the way larger lenders and servicers do,” said Phil McCall, chief operations officer for ARMCO, in a release. “With ACESXPRESS, ARMCO is able to provide smaller lenders with the same valuable QC technology used by the nation’s top lenders and servicers faster and with fewer internal resources needed.”

ACESXPRESS gives small to midsize lenders all of the major functionality delivered via ACES, including prepared questions, checklists, statistical modeling and reports.

In addition, ARMCO provides full system setup and customization via its professional services team. This is particularly helpful for smaller lenders that lack internal IT resources.

What’s more, the package includes dedicated account support from an ARMCO system administrator.

“While no lender can afford to countenance loan defects, smaller lenders are especially vulnerable, as their limited resources also intensify the impact of buybacks and other loan defect consequences,” said Avi Naider, CEO for ARMCO. “ACESXPRESS enables these lenders to shore up loan quality without taxing existing resources. With ACESXPRESS now available, there is no longer any reason for smaller lenders to accept compromises with their QC processes – compromises that can hurt them down the road.”


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