New Web Site For Distressed Homeowners][u]Sorrento Capital[/u][/link], a private asset management firm based in Irvine, Calif., has launched, a resource-based Web site designed to help homeowners facing mortgage delinquency, default or foreclosure. According to the company, the new Web site provides information on options available to troubled borrowers, along with specific instructions on how best to move forward. The site offers articles that explain loan modifications, refinances, short refinances, short sales and foreclosures. The site's content is are provided by MOS Group, a subsidiary of Sorrento Capital. ‘The number of current and potential delinquencies, the complexity of new government programs, and the preponderance of poor and inaccurate information within our industry have all combined to create a 'perfect storm' of confusion for borrowers who are having trouble with their mortgages,’ says Greg Hebner, president of MOS Group. ‘As an industry, we need experience-based tools and resources that are based on facts and real-world experience to help borrowers work constructively with lenders and loan servicers through these most challenging times.’ SOURCE: Sorrento Ca


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