New Web Site For Very Unhappy Borrowers

Steve Dibert, founder and owner of MFI-Miami LLC, a mortgage fraud investigation company based in Boynton Beach, Fla., has created a new Web site that will allow consumers to share their negative experiences with mortgage bankers.Â

The new Banking Horror Stories site is being promoted as a forum for borrower complaints relating to mortgage transactions. Dibert says the site will also provide consumers with legal help to investigate financial institutions that may be in violation of consumer protection laws.

‘I created this site because I am constantly bombarded with stories about the horrific treatment my clients receive from their banks,’ says Dibert. ‘My clients tell me their complaints of arrogant executives, unresponsive managers and incompetent staff people fall on deaf ears when they call their banks. After doing extensive research on the Internet, I found there was no one site that catered to these people, and so I set about creating Banking Horror Stories.’



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