New Wells Fargo Website Focuses On Sustainable Homeownership

Wells Fargo has launched a new consumer-facing website designed to help home buyers and homeowners make decisions that support sustainable homeownership.

‘This new site is like a road map for home financing choices,’ says Lisa Zakrajsek, head of home lending marketing for Wells Fargo. ‘People with home financing needs tell us where they want to go, and we'll deliver information and options that help them make informed decisions to chart a path toward their financial destination.’

According to the bank, checklists on the site show what information consumers will need to provide to the bank and help them understand what to expect each step of the way. The site also includes calculators that consumers can use to estimate potential monthly payment amounts, as well as side-by-side product comparisons, Zakrajsek explains.

Additionally, the site has functionality that directs distressed borrowers to loan modification assistance, repayment-plan information or other home-retention options.


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