Nonprofit Rescued 200 Foreclosure Pets In 2008

No Paws Left Behind Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing awareness to and finding solutions for the growing phenomena of ‘foreclosure pets,’ reports that its first seven months of operations saw significant success. After a June company launch, No Paws Left Behind received an industry award, grew through donations and increased industry awareness of the organization and its mission.

The organization received $20,000 in donations in 2008. Most of the funds were received from individual donors, though No Paws Left Behind hopes to gain corporate sponsorship in 2009. While the amount of donations received in 2008 exceeded expectations, No Paws Left Behind says it will need to double that figure in 2009 in order to provide funding to qualifying borrowers and shelters.

"We are more than pleased with the progress No Paws Left Behind made in 2008, but industry projections show 2009 will see more foreclosure pets" says Cheryl Lang, founder of No Paws Left Behind and president of Houston-based Integrated Mortgage Solutions, a collateral protection and asset management company. "We have been overwhelmed by industry support for No Paws Left Behind, and as a result of that support, we have rescued more than 200 animals to date. As we work toward brighter times for the mortgage industry, No Paws Left Behind will be here to help those affected by foreclosure."

SOURCE: No Paws Left Behind


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