OCC Announces Changes To Large-Bank Supervision Team

Mike Brosnan will become the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency's (OCC) senior deputy comptroller for large-bank supervision at the end of this year. He replaces Doug Roeder, who announced his intention to retire in October.

Brosnan returned to the OCC in 2008 as deputy comptroller for large-bank supervision after spending four years as a senior executive with MBNA and then Bank of America. Brosnan, who first joined the OCC in 1983, has previously served as the OCC's large-bank examiner-in-charge, deputy comptroller for risk evaluation, and director of treasury and market risk.

Also joining the large-bank supervision leadership team are Vance Price and Sally Belshaw, who serve as portfolio managers for large banks.

The OCC's large -bank supervision unit is responsible for examinations and supervision activities in the largest national banks and federal branches and agencies. The 15 banking companies in this category hold a combined $7.5 trillion in total assets, representing roughly 88% of all national bank assets.

SOURCE: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency


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