Ohio Borrowers Targeted In Web Scams

Ohio homeowners seeking to stave off foreclosure are being targeted by online scam artists pretending to be associated with the state's foreclosure assistance efforts.

According to a report in the Youngstown Business Journal, Web advertisements from companies pretending to be associated with the Save the Dream Ohio program have sought to create intentional confusion with homeowners using the Internet to find state assistance. State Attorney General Richard Cordray noted the case of a consumer who entered information on a website that she assumed was associated with Save the Dream, only to be bombarded hours later by telephone calls from companies with offers to help lower her mortgage payment for fees ranging from $2,200 to $3,000.

‘The ads actually are from for-profit companies that are attempting to exploit the Save the Dream name,’ says Cordray. ‘Ohio homeowners need to be wary of advertisements that promote an association with the free program. Save the Dream Ohio, under no circumstances, will ever require a fee for assistance and will not be associated with any company that has such a requirement.’

SOURCE: Youngstown Business Journal


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