Operation HOPE Notes Hotline Efforts

Operation HOPE says it has fielded nearly 54,977 calls for assistance, saving 680 foreclosures through loan modification, refinance or no-action agreements totaling more than $201 million in challenged mortgages through its Mortgage HOPE Crisis Hotline (MHCH).

Since the hotline began in April 2007, an average of 4,848 active client files have been maintained, with 1,886 clients receiving foreclosure prevention counseling. HOPE continues to work on open client files daily. Trained intake staff assign each client a dedicated HOPE mortgage counselor and, in some cases, a Virtual HOPE Corps volunteer who works with the client until the loan is modified or another outcome has been reached.

Under the current direction of Alix Stayton, HOPE Coalition America director, the MHCH is supported by two call centers and is available to handle intake calls 24 hours a day. The MHCH is managed by HOPE's financial emergency planning and recovery division, HOPE Coalition America, and facilitated through the HOPE Banking Center Network. Calls to the MHCH have increased from almost 3,000 calls in November 2008, to more than 11,000 calls in January 2009.

SOURCE: Operation HOPE


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