Paul Slams Gingrich For Freddie Mac Contract

Paul Slams Gingrich For Freddie Mac Contract Newt Gingrich's consulting contract with Freddie Mac provided fodder for an attack from fellow GOP presidential nominee Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, over the weekend.

During ABC's nationally televised debate in Iowa Saturday night, moderator George Stephanopoulos asked Paul about his campaign's recent ad that accused Gingrich of "serial hypocrisy."

Paul explained the ad by saying that Gingrich had accepted funds from, and served as a spokesperson for, a company that eventually received, and continues to receive, a federal bailout.

"Well, he's been on different positions, you know, on so many issues," Paul said. "You know, single payer, he's taken some positions that are not conservative. He supported the TARP funds. And … he received a lot of money from Freddie Mac. Now, Freddie Mac is essentially a government organization."

In response, Gingrich reiterated that he provided "strategic advice" to Freddie Mac, but neither acted as a spokesperson nor did any lobbying for any agency.

"I was in the private sector," Gingrich said. "And I was doing things in the private sector."

Appearing on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday, Paul said that although Gingrich is not legally required to apologize for accepting money from Freddie Mac, taking the money "was an immoral thing."

"It was, as far as I'm concerned, as close to the government as you can get," Paul said. "To call it private isn't exactly accurate."


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