PCLender and NYLX Integrate Platforms

er.com's lending platform and NYLX's product eligibility and pricing platform have been paired, the companies say. The integration now offers a fully bidirectional data flow, with an interface that eliminates the need for manual data entry, they add. Both PCLender.com and NYLX provide their solutions in a software as a service delivery model. PCLender.com users can access the NYLX platform through a Web-based interface that allows users to have instant access to rates and eligibility guidelines, and re-price loan scenarios in real time throughout the life cycle of a loan. ‘NYLX realizes the potential frustration mortgage lenders live with on a daily basis because of the lack of interoperability across multi-vendor environments," says John Alexander, president of NYLX. "Our priority has been – and will continue to be – on integrating our solution into these environments in ways that improve workflow and productivity." SOURCES: PCLender.co


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