PMI Recommends LenderLive Network For Contract Underwriting Services

Live Network Inc. says it will provide contract underwriting services to companies that had received these services from PMI Mortgage Insurance Co. PMI has recommended LenderLive as a quality provider of contract underwriting services to customers in need of these solutions. ‘We have built a solid relationship with PMI that spans 10 years,’ says Rick Seehausen, president and CEO of LenderLive. "PMI's confidence in LenderLive to support its clients' contract underwriting needs shows the company's confidence in our ability to provide superior service and our dedication to this endeavor." LenderLive, which is delegated to underwrite for mortgage insurance, says it provides secure online loan submission, a full underwriting staff and flexible contract options. "Since PMI decided to change our approach to contract underwriting, we felt it was important to offer our customers an alternative that they could rely on," notes Pete Pannes, senior vice president at PMI. "Our relationship with LenderLive has proven to be one that we can count on and offers significant value to those poised to use their services, especially during the current mortgage industry climate." Contract underwriting is one of the component services LenderLive offers through its contract services division, which offers a variety of outsourced services such as quality control services, closing coordination services and contract processing. The company has several other channels of business that provide services including retail, wholesale, loan workout solutions and settlement services. SOURCES: LenderLive Network, PMI Mortgage Ins


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