Poll Finds Most Americans Unhappy With The Fed

A majority of Americans would be glad to see the Federal Reserve either abolished or held more accountable to Congress, according to a new Bloomberg National Poll.

The survey, conducted from interviews with 1,000 adults between Dec. 4-7, found that 39% of those surveyed said the Fed needs to be held more accountable, and that 16% favored a complete elimination of the central bank. Only 37% voiced support for the Fed's current status.

In breaking down the number by political affiliation, 21% of those surveyed who identified themselves as supporters of the Tea Party movement were in favor of abolishing the Fed, compared to 19% of independents, 16% of Republicans and 12% of Democrats. In a similar poll held by Bloomberg in October, only 8% of those surveyed were in favor of abolishing the Fed.

SOURCE: Bloomberg


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