Portfolio Management Platform Boosts Investor-Servicer Transparency

xplair Technology LLC, a provider of portfolio management software, has developed its new illumair Management System (iMS), a Web-based residential mortgage portfolio management platform. xplair designed iMS to link financial institutions and investors with servicers through secure, direct feeds to proprietary loan and bank-owned asset data, aggregating asset-level characteristics that are delivered in an interface that includes comparative analytics, risk metrics and interactive charting.

The iMS system maps over 300 asset-level characteristics from multiple servicers and REO providers, allowing residential mortgage investors and other stakeholders to view their assets as a single portfolio, irrespective of who services the assets, the company says.

Asset-level data is then aggregated along relevant performance metrics and trend analytics to help investors and other stakeholders evaluate mortgage and servicer performance, the company says.

"This system also creates a new level of transparency and accountability between investor and servicer," explains the company's managing director, Jill Parker. "Users can communicate with and create workflow for the servicer or individual managing a particular loan or segment and track performance over time by creating static pools of assets."

At the portfolio level, iMS allows users to view the performance of multiple pools of assets across servicing and REO vendors and to track vacancy, status migration, roll rates and collateral price changes against the market or against expectations. The system also enables users to break down whole portfolios into relevant subsets to measure performance by segment and task users with follow-up requests.

xplair says it is currently boarding clients on the iMS software.

SOURCE: xplair


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